Sawstop Problem

I used the sawstop Tuesday to make brackets for the lasers venting ducts. When I was ripping, I had some trouble with the fence. I had it on the right side of the blade and when I clamped the fence down, the far end moved slightly toward the blade. This seemed to wedge the board between the fence and the blade. I didn’t have time then to figure out how to adjust the fence.

Things are going to need some tune-ups. I’ll get to those as soon as I can. I just moved and we’ve been SUPER busy.

If it moved while securing the fence that is normal. If the fence is not making solid contact with the rail at points a and b then when locked at point c it will shift the fence.


That’s ok, I just wanted to let people know.

I tuned up the saw a bit last night. The blade and fence are now both square to the table and the blade can be made vertical again. I didn’t have an allen wrench long enough to adjust the bevel pointer.

Happy cutting!