SawStop Brake Fired

Our Table Saw is temporarily down for repairs. The braking cartridge was triggered and needs to be replaced.

The purpose of this thread is not to admonish the maker for the carelessness that led to the firing. On the contrary, I’m reaching out to ensure that you are okay. If the brake was engaged and you were cut (however severe) I need to know. Safety is of the utmost importance.

Next to that is the longevity of the tools. If the table saw braked as a result of making contact with you, SawStop will replace the braking cartridge. If the saw braked as a result of making contact with a material, I need to know what material caused the false-positive reaction so that we can avoid using that material on the table saw.

As you can see, I would very much like to speak with the maker who last used the saw; to ensure that you are okay, and to ensure that the materials we use in the woodshop can continue to be relied on for proper use on the table saw.

You can reach out to me personally, at the number listed below. Thanks.

Your Woodshop Lead,
Doug Wilson


I used it Sunday night to cut some douglas fir. Was working fine when I left.

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@Security should be able to see who all was in the building between those times.

Have we checked for an incident report?