Saturday Silverworking

Just an open call for anyone who wants to try your hand at silverworking for jewelry. I’ll be at Make today (dec. 4) from 10a to at least 1 or 2, maybe longer. I have a good bit of silver and if you make something and want to keep it I’ll just weigh it and charge $1 a gram.

This marks my third Saturday in a row of being down here so this might accidentally become a regular thing.


I was there yesterday even and missed this! I’ll have to keep any eye out for next Saturday!

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We can put it on the calendar if you wish. Get with @Events

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I’m not going to jump in front of that train just yet. This the low-key-who-is-watching-the-forums sort of thing. And if I don’t want to one Saturday no one feels stood up.

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Just a bump, anyone wanting to tinker with silver or just get familiar with the area ill be here for a bit today (Dec 18) at least until 2 or 3.


Brad came by and tried again on his ring. Still not complete but much better and there are two of them.

Recovered some scrap silver and tinkered out this:

Was going to put it in a display cabinet near jewlery lab but realized there is none, so home it came.