I need something sandblasted, went to three different places that i have either had work done at before or advertises sandblast services.

Two places dont do sandblasting anymore
The third place was out to lunch

This is just one of the reasons I end up doing this kind of stuff myself.

What is the current sandblast situation?


Sandblasting ? Contact the metal shop lead! Several Special types of blasting are possible must see parts first! Makeict blaster is under powered, use it for small powder coating projects only!


Ok good to know

My project is refurbishing a vintage Oklahoma Joe Lil Joe grill. Its basically a 16" diameter pipe x 28" long, no legs, no shelves or racks, not the interior, just the exterior.

Today i was quoted $150 to get it sandblasted, thats not gonna happen.

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The trailer place north of 235 on Broadway used to sand blast trailers for me for not much money. I haven’t taken one up there for a long time, so that could have changed. I was thinking it was northcutt but it looks like Google maps has crossroads trailer there now.

I think you’d be hard pressed to do it in either of the cabinets in the metal shop.


Today i found a place in Mulvane called Benjamin blasting, should be ready by tomorrow.

I was also referred to Northcutt trailers (crossroads)

Another one is called Brace Midwest 2112 s. Custer


Benjamin blasting are good people they have purchased two media blasters from me !


Were they reasonable? I’ve got an antique Coke Ice Box I need sandblasted so I can repaint it.

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They charged $40 which i found to be very affordable after the other place wanted $150!

They got right on it, dropped off on Thursday, picked up Saturday

If i need more sandblasting, i wouldnt hesitate to return.