Sandblaster & Compressor Issues?

Hey everyone, I was down there Saturday trying to use the sandblaster. When trying to use the high-mounted hose reel, I notice that there was a leak just behind the connector. I turned the regulator down to 0, since that was the only I could see to stop the leak.

I then used the other hose to try to sandblast a couple parts I took with me. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to be working very well. After 5 minutes, I had roughly a 1/4" section cleaned off, which was not really worth the effort. I was afraid to turn the pressure up too high on the sandblaster, since I’ve never had to do that before.

What is the recommended PSI for the Sand Blaster cabinet?

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Owners manual suggest 9.5CFM @ 90PSI

As for the lack of pressure make sure the air compressor line valve is turned on fully

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Thanks for that! The compressor was on completely, but I’m sure the regulator wasn’t set that high, since the “lower hose” was likely set for powder coating.

The upper hose’s issue was an actual leak that you could hear when handling the hose.

It is working now. I think the gun or sand hose was clogged. To unclog press nozzle against something that will seal it (I use a big pencil eraser) then pull the trigger. Air comes out thru the hose in the sand bucket.

I use 40 psi to frost glass, up to 100 to remove rust. I had it on 60 just now.

I did not check the leak in the upper hose.


The leak in the upper hose is at the end, where the fitting is crimped onto the hose.

Hey @heathenfire79 have you seen this? The wall mounted air hose is definitely unusable. Looks like a re-usable replacement fitting would be $5-$10 if we don’t have one already. The current fitting is crimped on, so it cannot be re-used.

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I had not.
I will get one ordered.
If you are in the space can you put a do not use on that lines regulator?

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Also, is there any “trick” to getting the compressor in the Metalshop to turn on? You’re saying this sandblaster wants 90 psi & the compressor is showing around that for pressure before I start. As soon as I use it for a bit, it drops to 25-40psi, the compressor never kicks in & the sandblaster essentially stops working.

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Someone may have turned the compressor off there is a switch just about the pressure shut off on the side of a black box that flips up and down try that.

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Cool, I’ll check that out when I swing back by. Thanks!

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