RP5 freezing

Hi all. Trying to see if there’s any thing I might be missing.

Raspberry Pi 5 4gb, with official active cooler, using the official pi power supply, in the official case (plastic layer with small fan removed to make room for active cooler. )
Running VLC with a 4min 1080p MP4 video on a continuous loop, hooked to a TV in Century II for 4 days. Approximately 8 hours per day.

Froze up once on Thursday, twice on Friday, once on Saturday, no times on Sunday but that was only a 5 hour day. After the first freeze on Friday I removed the lid of the case thinking it was blocking the fan. Didn’t seem to help.

I no longer have access to the conditions as the home show is over. Anyone have experience with Rp5 heatting. Shouldn’t have overheated iwth the official cooler I think, it’s not overclocked.


I haven’t used a RPI 5 yet but have RPI 4’s that I have played with. I know the video can be choppy at times. I have used VLC but not liking it. I found on another forum where they state using omxplayer and seemed to have some luck. I’m going to try using it to see what it does on my setup. Might give omxplayer a try and see what happens. Good Luck!

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Thanks, I’ll try that, but honestly I’ve had great luck with VLC for decades at this point. Big Fan

It wasn’t choppy, it was completely freezing, stuck on one frame, and would not respond to keyboard and mouse input, had to be rebooted.

The old advice, which might still apply is to make sure you are running the latest version of VLC, increase the cache and disable hardware decoding.

Online advice is all over the place and fixes are frequently trial and error.

Personally, since it’s been a frequent enough issue with VLC on RP4, I’d doubt that it is temperature related unless you have additional information not stated.

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