Rotary Attachement Progress

We’ve finally made some significant progress with the rotary attachment! :fireworks:

Many thanks to @slatwood for picking up where I left off and ordering some replacement parts and testing different software settings. We finally figured out that we had a bit of a hardware issue; it seems the Ruida couldn’t handle the step rate needed to run our geared stepper motor with the stepper driver set to 6400 steps/revolution. We dropped it down to 400 steps/revolution and were finally able to get results when adjusting the rotary mode scaling.

At this point we just need to add a physical switch to enable the rotary and disable the y-axis, and write up the new instructions. I’ll be scheduling a class or two in February on how to use it. For those that already knew how to use it with the old software the new instructions should be sufficient, but I may also setup a time for a quick refresher.