Rostock chipped bed

FYI, There is a bed on order, that should be here this weekend.


Great news Tom. Thanks for getting it ordered.

The bed is there, but the height is a bit different, and the thought was to use a different aluminum heat spreader instead of the aluminum foil to better distribute the heat on the glass. The piece of aluminum is a bit taller than the foil. It will need to be calibrated before we can use it. I put the old glass on. Once the calibration works on the old glass, and does not drive the nozzle into the glass, we can swap it out for the new glass and do it again.

I will be back an evening after work to work at the space. I will try to work on it then.

If someone has done the calibration in the past (on the rostock with marlin ) to adjust the height and remembers how it was done please let me know. It would save me time digging into the marlin firmware setup to see where to change the offset(s)


Since nobody with experience with the Rostock or Marlin/Delta has volunteered re calibrate the Rostock. I will have to get to it when I have time.

I have cautiously tried the new bed without a full re calibration. It still need some tweaks. The nozzle is to low to the bed, so in effect it is over extruding the first few layers. I only had a few minutes after working on the laser.

I will try to be down at the space later in the week. I will try to take another swing at it.

Some of you folks with experience doing things like calibrating these guys and the like… this would be a super good class to teach… sort of a 3D printer maintenance class…

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