Room 4 Items for Sale

In order to clear out room for the items listed in the link below are up for sale. All of these items are left over from the construction or did not find home during the move and are now just taking up space. The items will be available for 2 weeks after which they will be either donated to habitat for humanity, listed to the public or recycled. Email if interested. Items are first time come first serve and the spreadsheet will be updated as items are claimed.

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I cannot access the Google sheet. What am I doing wrong?

I also can not access.

Looks like the excel file and images are on the admin drive. We might have to find a more public way to share that list. @IT


You need to have an address to access the admin drive. Could we set it up as a Google web page? I’d hate for Anna to have to do to much more work.

Lets try this excel sheet instead.

Room 4 Items to be purged.xlsx (14.6 KB)

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I created a table containing all the information on the wiki so anyone should be able to see the items up for grabs.


I’m all in for the granite

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If you need more, I’ve got a substantial number of sink cutouts from countertop installations.

And I would be taking it for granite…

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I would take the grey chairs.
Matching chairs- grey 13 Fair $3 ea Dropbox - 20210523_165802 - Copy.jpg - Simplify your life

Hi all, we are going to leave an honor system lockbox in room 4 for payments, I will update here when it’s actually there.

As far as item details, I’ll answer your questions but it might take me a few days to do so. Feel free to check the items out, if you can find them in there.


We’ll put you down for those thanks!

I may have grabbed that Table/Desk for the belt grinder in the metal shop a couple weeks back… I’ll put $10 in the lockbox for that item.

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We will take it off the list. Since it is being used in the space there is no need to put money on it.


I would take the Black shelving for $10.

Okay! I will put it out in the hall for you. Thanks!

Hi all. There is now a lockbox located outside of room 4 for the cash. If you are buying an item, please fill out one of the short sale forms (on the table with the lock box) and either paper clip it to your money, or use one of the envelopes.

Items that are spoken for have been placed outside room 4!