Rocket ship play house

Hey Makers, remember when I built a cardboard rocket ship playhouse for the kids area:

I joked that since it was cardboard and masking tape it’d probably only last six months.

Well it’s been six months! The rocket ship is looking a little rough, we can keep taping it up, but I wanted to say this was a totally fun project and if someone else wants to build another kids area type thing in that corner, I will not be feelings hurt about it. I might even help out! Dream big, this was a totally fun thing.

I was going to recycle it but if the big parts are in reasonable shape I bet we can donate it. I just thought it’d be neat for that corner to be a rotating space for weirdo kids projects, forever.

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Hey Kim. I’m curious. What did you use to model and create the parts for the rocket? I have been playing with Fusion 360 and it’s slicer plugin. Really cool.


Some people say I use Inkscape for too many things but I don’t need their negativity in my life.

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If kids like it, would it be worth making it out of more durable materials? Coming up with new things to put in the kids area on a rotating basis sounds great, but it will eat up even more of our precious volunteer hours.

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And we still have the two control panels with blinky lights and switches that are available for someone to hook an Arduino to for ambience.

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