Robert Maxwell

My family and I are new to Wichita. We relocated from New Orleans. I’m a sculptor so I’m very interested in the metal shop, 3D printers, and wood. To be honest I’m interested in everything. I hope to teach mold making and maybe OSHA 10. The thing I’m most proud of is being Will’s dad!


Welcome! I’d be interested in taking a mold making class. Hopefully you get a class going soon.

I hope very soon!

If you saw the beautiful watercolors and breath taking sculptures in our Creator’s Showroom, you have this guy to thank, for sharing his amazing work with us.

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I saw your work too. Dean and I were talking about it. Really fantastic! Count me in on your class of you decide to do it.

Thanks! I look forward to you being in the class as well.

Incredible sculptures. Welcome to ICT and MakeICT.

Perhaps you’d consider doing some watercolor classes. I’ve painted for years, but this watercolor goes right over my head.


I definitely plan on teaching watercolors

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awesome…teaching an osha class would be great as well. I et my osha5 certification slip a few yrs back… moldmaking is way cool too…have kicked around, not much though, about casting sawdust as its readily available

Dean day has a formula that makes inexpensive silicone molds. It should be a great class.

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That is so awesome! If you love clay, Wichita State University is about to kick off their annual Empty Bowls fundraiser for the Kansas Food Bank. They are having a community build-a-bowl day this Wednesday where people come in, learn how to make bowls, or just throw a few bowls if it is all old hat :wink: , the ceramics department fires them up, and then there is a day for seniors to come in and dip glaze the bowls. In October they have a chili cook-off where the price of your ticket includes one of the community-made bowls (that you get to select) and a fill up of your choice of chili, after sampling all of the options first, of course. It’s one of my favorite things and if you have some mad clay-working skills I’m sure they would love to have some extra hands teaching or some extra bowls that don’t look like, well, I made them haha! Here’s the link to the university website:

[WSU Empty Bowls] (

Welcome to Wichita!


I’ll check it out, thanks!