Riverfest volunteers needed


Want a free riverfest button? Once again MakeICT will be featured at the Kids Corner and STEAM city events - come play with toys and hang out with our cool outreach committee! The schedule is:

Kids Corner Saturday, June 2: 2-5pm
STEAM City Sunday, June 3: 12-5pm
Kids Corner Monday, June 4: 5-8pm
Kids Corner Tuesday, June 5: 5-8pm
Kids Corner Friday, June 8: 5-8pm
Kids Corner Saturday, June 9: 11am to 2pm

We need a TON of volunteers, you can either reply here and I will add you to the schedule or use http://makeict.org/volunteer to sign up. It’d be awesome if everyone could take at least two shifts because we need four people per shift. Barb counts as one! I will do as much as I can!

Volunteers Needed for Plastic Shredder at Riverfest - FFAC

I can work a couple shifts, possibly 3 or 4. I am open June 4-8.


Kids corner june2 2-5 I’ll be there


Most shifts still need a person or two but we have nobody available to help out yet on June 9 - any takers? Feel free to extend this offer to friends and other organizations, I have plenty of buttons :slight_smile:

Edit: volunteer tracking is here, when you reply to this thread I’ll add you to the viewers


I might could be interested in STEAM City.


Gotcha down and sent you the spreadsheet Patrick!

Any chance you could do June 9th? That’s a busy Saturday, half our board is at nomcon so it’s a day we really need help. Just 11am-2pm. Same question for everybody, really.

I will try to remember to bring riverfest buttons for you fine people to maker monday.


You answered the question I was about to ask.


@KezC said she will add this to our volunteer Kansas page