Rio Grande Group Order & Saturday Spring Clean

Hello all, this is a notice that I’m starting a list for a group order to Rio Grande jewelry supply. There should be events popping up soon in the calendar, but I plan to send the order off on the 16th after 4p.

Info about group ordering can be found at the Jewelry Lab’s wiki.

Also, as added bonus/incentive for the repairing/cleaning I have scheduled for 10-3p that same day (!) anyone that comes out and helps get things running and in order will have the taxes for anything ordered on this first group order covered by yours-truly.


Wish I could come!! I’ll be in KC on the 16th. Let me know if I can come help on a different day :blush:

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As an added bonus to those that come out and help with spring cleaning, a special authorization session will be put on by Mr. Rustin Atkeisson for the plasma cutter.

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That’s me too!
I will be in Pueblo this weekend, but am willing to help some other time.

I may run a little late this morning, so the list of things I’m looking to accomplish are:

  1. Weld the pinhole in the cabbing machine basin.
  2. Remove remaining paint and rust on cabbing machine and prepare for powder coat or just paint it.
  3. Test and clean the two engraver rigs.
  4. Test and clean the small kiln under the folding table.
  5. Organize the shelves, throw away clutter and/or expired materials.
  6. Organize Findings/Cords/Etc. Bins to make finding findings easier to find.

That’s the “light duty” list. If more people show, I have some other things that require group effort.

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Morning! My wife and I are fighting a wicked cold (not covid) since yesterday. I won’t be able to come over to help today bc we’re both still running a fever. Talk to ya soon.

No problem. Life happens.

I’d like to thank all those who helped out today, group order was put in.


For those who put in an order, items will be ready this Maker Monday it be picked up and paid for if you haven’t already.

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