Ring Making from Argentium Silver

I was thinking about joining Make-ICT to make a Silver Ring and potentially some other projects that I thought would be fun.

My question - Would the tools listed below be available to me after proper training?

I’ve done some research and purchased -
Argentium Silver 12 gauge / 2mm Half Round & Half-Hard Wire

I believe I will need -
Tapered Nylon Jaw Pliers
Jewelry Cutter
Ring Sizer
Butane Torch
Ceramic / Charcoal / or Tile Surface
Polishing Applicators (I don’t think I’ll need it but just in case)

If anyone was curious I believe I can fuse the Argentium Silver with a high enough temperature. By doing it this way I won’t have to use flux and the fun process that involves.

We have many of the tools you might need, but do not have Tapered Nylon Jaw Pliers at this time. We also do not use butane in the lab, but have both straight propane torches and a jeweler’s torch that uses a mix of propane and oxygen and should be just fine. Before using the jeweler’s torch, you’ll need to get with Tam Nguyen or someone who is approved to use the torch, so that they can show you how to properly use the torch. We’ve had a number of occasions where folks have skipped this step, and have tried to use the regulators as an on/off valves, which totally screws up the settings and can damage the hoses.

Our Jewelry Lab Area Lead is Tam Nguyen, and she can be contacted by sending an email to tam@makeict.org.

I will be curious to find out if you can actually do low temperature welding with this material. Usually the vendors want you to use a solder that contains germanium on it. Did you get dead soft on the material that is not the half-hard wire.

It is fusion, so there is no extra material you use. That is why I wanted to use it for my application to simplify the process. Argentium Silver is a more pure version of Sterling Silver.

Here’s a YouTube video showing the process and a half bit of an explanation.

Thanks David, I appreciate the info.