Ring and Button Drill Bit (Possible future purchase?)

For when we have money lying (laying?) around and we don’t know what to do with it, I think this little set would be neat to have in woodworking, jewelry or even the textile area. We generate a lot of small wood scraps we could use. Or maybe we already have something like it or know someone who could create a similar bit.


I heartily endorse those…they are awesome!

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Have you seen them before? Or is your remark from just seeing the link info?

I’ve seen them before, but lost track of where to get them.

Looks like it would be fun to use and have a couple of different applications.
Will you be at the space tomorrow?

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Doubtful. I’m taking a few months for some post-term R & R.

Do we have a hand drill at the space?

A power drill? We have several Porter-Cable cordless power drills in the maintenance shop.

Hmm… when you go to the site, it specifies a hand drill. I looked up hand drill and it didn’t seem powered except by humans :slight_smile:

I look closer and it mentions “hand drill, drill press or drill pillar”. So this is probably able to be used on the drill press. Cool.

I’m pretty sure they mean handheld power drill. The site specifies hand drill, drill press, or drill pillar. Trying to use a hand-powered drill to turn a bit with this much contact area on a piece of hardwood would be extremely difficult, and I wouldn’t expect very good results.



All the reviews I find for this set up are mixed. It seems half the time you get a ring that has gouges that need worked out and the other half is complete disappointment. It may not be as fast and easy as chucking up a bit and going, but the shopbot seems to at least get more consistent results.


(Okay, those are pretty cool.)

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