Restocking MDF for the lasercutters

Its time to stock the laser cutter MDF again. I am in need of a volunteer to help me break down the larger sheets into something the lasercutter can handle. We will also be clearing out/organizing the mess of scraps



I have Fundraising Committee meeting at that time but I can help after.

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Huge thanks to @Malissa for helping get the 8x4 sheets cuts size. Turned what would have been almost 2 hours to cut into about 10 minutes.

@ssaner we will need to pick up more. Cut out the last 6 sheets resulting 18 sheets about bed size for the lasers

Lasercutter scraps have been cleaned up and organized. Smaller Scraps go on left and larger scraps can be placed in the front with the rest of it. Please dont keep smaller useless scraps as all it does is create clutter.


Iā€™d suggest using up what we have and getting more mdf after we move.

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