Resin printer for sale

Selling my creality resin printer LD-002R
I just bought a new resin printer and decided to get another one just like it.
Before i purchase 2nd one id like to offer my previous printer for 100$ its in perfect working order just want to upgrade to newer model.
This is a great steal for anyone wanting to get i to resin printing.


what did you upgrade to?

Creality Halot one

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I am interested, is there a resin that will work with it to make two piece molds for pouring pewter figurines?

You will want to use the resin printer to print your master, then use that printed master to make a silicone mode, then pour your melted pewter into the silicone mold. Silicone is heat resistant and more flexible for pewter part removal, which is the trickier part of designing molding.

Shortly I will be 3D scanning a sculped for someone, printing it, and making silicone molds for her to reproduce the items. Her item is not being cast in pewter, but the same process will apply.

Feel free to hit me up as you go! The 3D scanner should arrive in the next few days, so I’ll be getting started pretty soon!

VIDEO: Tips for Making Silicone Molds for Pewter Casting using Smooth-on Mold Max 60

#VIDEO: How To: Use 3D Printing To Make Silicone Molds

VIDEO: How To Use 3D Printing to Make a Two-Part Silicone Mold // Silicone Mold Making

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SOLD! Printer

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