Resin Printer flex plate

As anyone who has used a resin printer knows the removal process has and is very irritating to say the least until now due to evolving technologies there has been a development in retrofit plates for resin printers that allows you to install a magnet and flex plate combination allowing you to easily pop off your print i will do a follow up printing off a really nice Mandalorian model 23 hour print

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So I have tested the flex plate on my resin printer and it did not disappoint! Parts stayed in place until I removed plate then with a minor bend POP! Came right off.
Would recommend!

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Frank, Id like to get together so we can cast in Silver a small resign printed designs in the Jewelry Lab

@Frank Would you be willing to partner up with Dean Day and Do a Class on casting resign designs

I strongly believe while resin printing is cool it is a disaster to do this in a maker space too many times have I seen fdm prints abandoned or left for someone else to deal with.
Resin printers are especially critical that they are not left dirty with resin in vat.

Someone could teach a class to show how to use maintain and clean for ppl willing to buy a 3d resin printer for home use.
BTW I got an anycubic photon resin printer for sale 100$ lol

I don’t know about “disaster” but it would definitely take careful planning, training, and access control as well as a dedicated work area with ventilation. There are some vague plans in the works, but no definite timeline or budget.

Small casts using castable resin prints would be really fun to do. That was part of the reason I bought my printer, but I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet. I’d be interested in getting involved if people are wanting to explore that.

@Frank, any pictures or links to the flexible build plate you are using?

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They are about 35$ which i would do again given the need.


Cool, thanks!


I’m waiting on my sovol flexible platen to arrive. It’s on the slow boat. I think mine was about $25 and it had good reviews from others.

I agree that there is a lot to go wrong with sla printing that I think would leave printers down far too often and for too long. I’m addition to the lcd having a finite lifespan (mono lcd should last longer and are starting to come available) there are countless stories on the web of broken screens. The newest crop of elegoo printers lack the glass screen but with it also goes the protection for the lcd itself. It is very easy to miss a failed print stuck to the bottom of the vat. We’ve not had any issues removing even large jobs placing the platen in the freezer but that’s not really practical for a shared space, not to mention some people’s aversion to placing prints near food. The flexible surface should address that though. It’s also possible to unlevel the platen when removing prints and this can also lead to broken screens. As Frank said, people leaving their prints for others to clean up is also far more of a nuisance with sla than with fdm where you just pop the print off and start your own. I won’t say it can’t work, but I do think there are more cons than pros.

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