RepRap future?

I am putting a call out to the membership to see how much interest there is in trying to do something interesting in the 3d printing arena. We could start simple by rebuilding/upgrading our current RepRap mendel. A slightly more of a challenge would be CNC pancake printer (low bar it has been done). We could dive into something more interesting. The list is large a large scale delta, hang printer, 3dp sand casting printer, clay 3d printer (I have always wanted to do it).

There are tons of ideas of what we could do. I don’t know there are any limits to what should be dreamed up. Right now I am looking for a general list of members that are interested in helping. We have the tools to do just about anything.

We are in such a great place with software and hardware to do some cool projects. We just need to dream big and take the plunge.


This would be awesome. I would contribute to buying this and help put it together.

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