Repairing a Print

I made a screen today. A small area blew out when I was washing out the emollition to prepare it for use. I can use it as is no big deal. If I wanted to paint in a little emollition at that area and put it back on the UV table would that fix it? I know the blocker we use at work can repair small errors, so I thought I would ask.

If your screen mesh ruptured…cover one side with packing tape or wax paper …right around the hole…a thin line of super glue drawing completely around the hole will keep it from fraying more. The larger the hole the more the screen will lose rebounding tension. However, i have used this method to keep screens in service with half dollar sized holes. A little extra scoop coating or exposure strategy will be needed to work around the rupture…but they still work fine…each print time…packing tape or oracal the top side before ink loading.

If you were referring to pin marks or spatters…small spots of tape…or hole punch some oracal…dry apply the spots…quick set under the heat 20seconds…or a spatter pen works. On long term dedicated single use design screens not to be reclaimed…nail polish works well but acetone removal is tough on 110 mesh. Mineal spirits are common to clear plastisol but not so easy on nail enamel fills. Hope that helps.

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