Remote Octoprint Monitor

I’m sure that this question has already been asked and answered but has anyone looked into adding a secure plugin that would allow users to look at printer queues remotely? It would be handy to see what’s in the queue before driving out to start a job.

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I like this idea @vanderbt. Maybe tag this idea over in the thread that’s going on for new printers and or upgrades.

There are cheap web-cams we could hook up to Octo-Print.

Last time I heard this idea years ago there were privacy concerns with web cams on the printers.

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I can check with IT as well. I believe that there are some secure plugins that will work. I don’t know whether the security is good enough. Regarding the fundraiser, I agree with Christian that we should just go out an buy a couple of Prusa printers.

Yes, this has been on the wishlist for a while. I don’t think that we would expose Octoprint directly; it would probably be a page that shows the current status of each printer, the ETA of the current print (if applicable), and maybe a recent snapshot (if we re-install cameras). Possibly some way to kill a print, but that would require authentication. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten much of a chance to work on this, and trying to keep the printers running properly has taken priority.


Totally understand the priority. After looking at prices, it really does look like the best option is to procure some number of Prusa printers. While it is a cool idea to make our own, it makes more sense to have a robust capability so that folks can make quickly and reliably rather than having to deal with the making equipment.