Reminder for Luke for supply list request

We asked tonight for a list of vendors and personal supplies and I thought the forum would be the best place for it so everyone could access. @flibida please add them here. Thank you so much!

Cabtopia is the place for cab stencils

Where is a good place to get stones? I’ve heard there are a lot of imitation stones out there.

Some of the imitations are really nice… don’t knock them. But do buy imitations at imitation prices. One place to get stones is Rio Grande…
If you want to take a road trip, visit my best friend from grade school:
They have rocks.

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Rio Grande for sure for the general public.

Pretty much any reputable stone supplier that does wholesale is not going to work with the public, just fyi. Too much hassle and it’s easier for them to sell to jewelers.

In the 17 years I’ve been a jeweler and the 20+ years I worked in my parents shop, I saw a lot of people get taken by stone dealers on “natural” stones. Cruise ships are also the worst place to buy, you’re never getting a “good deal” there just fyi.

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Stone slabs for cabbing or already cut stones for setting?

Either really

Cabbing slabs are still ellusive for me.
Gemstones for setting Rio Grande is a good source.

Setting related- Rio’s YouTube channel is great. There’s a few videos featuring Blaine Lewis- probably the best teacher in the jewelry industry imo. It’s easy to go down a rabbit hole with this content haha.

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