ReMakeICT Tuesday 2.16.21

Today is ReMakeICT Tuesday from 6-9pm
Here is the list for today:

  1. Roof leak in south hallway. Very likely the condensation line has frozen. We’ll need to assess the problem and make a plan for repair.

  2. Room #1 touch up paint around baseboard, covering adhesive stains.

  3. Reinstall door closers on all doors.

  4. Continue work to organize garage.

  5. Continue work installing lockers

  6. Continue work organizing Textiles. Pull grey panels out of room 4

  7. Pull chairs from room 4 for room 1 locate and move tables.

  8. Vacuum front carpet

  9. Use snowblower to clear front walkway.

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What grey panels in room 4?

Is the snowblower operational? I hand shoveled Sunday from the bridge to mt Vernon but seeing it today you would have no idea. We had substantial foot traffic down mt Vernon and drollinger. I’ll be returning this afternoon and will blow it if the one in facilities runs. To be honest I had no idea we had one when I did this


I believe it does run.

I plugged it in a little bit ago no power indicated or electric start available I didn’t try and manually start it. It doesn’t appear to have much if any gas. I’m unable to supply any. It’s a 50:1 mix. I do have oil to mix just no cans not already dedicated to different mix levels or gas to contribute.

Fwiw: it was covered in cobwebs and debris below that made it look to be quite a while since it has been ran.

To be fair, it’s been awhile since it has snowed

indeed it has been at least a snowfall anywhere near this last week.

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