Refund or voluntary suspension policy?

Are there any existing policies regarding prorating a refund of prepaid memberships or on a member voluntarily suspending a membership and using the prepaid time in the future?

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No there isn’t, but in the past it’s been our mode to refund those months. In at least one instance I believe we refunded more hoping it would help the individual get the help he needed.


There’s a @Finance meeting this next Monday evening at 7. They would handle refunds and for that reason should guide any such policy. The current board has expressed interest before in this subject. The factors to be sure to include would be how to request it, when it’s available and how it’s communicated to the treasurer. It seems like that last part is often the tripping point with other refund situations.


@finance @membership in light of Malissa’s experienced comment, would someone on one of these committees communicate the attitude and capabilities of the committee and options for makers with prepaid memberships and the proper method of implementing those options.


No communication yet on this request. Asking again to understand options.
Knock, knock…@finance @membership??

Not sure exactly what you are asking for at this time.

If you are asking for a policy to be written, that is going to take time. Neither committee has had an opportunity to discuss this since you posted your question. As Sherry mentioned, Finance meets tonight, and Membership meets 12/13.

If you are just looking for a technical answer, yes refunds are possible via Pay-Pal reversal, or the treasurer could write a check.

Wondered too about suspend and restart later. Thanks for the reply. Wasn’t looking for a policy just wanted to know what was possible.
If I went to Alaska for the summer, could I suspend for 3-6 months then restart when I get back? That kind of thing. I’ll be patient until mid December for a firmer position.
@finance @membership

In my case, I hope to be able to drop in whenever I am in the area, so even though I know it wont be till spring at the earliest, I know the space still has bills to pay. I can give up a couple of coffees each month - so keeping an active membership is not a problem for my situation. I realize others are on a tighter budget.


The treasurer isn’t feeling well so he wasn’t able to attend the finance meeting so this topic is unfortunately carried over for a bit.