Refinishing question

Hello, I am refinishing an old table that has been in our family along time. I’ve successfully stripped the old finish off of the wood using Citristrip. It had turned into a thick black layer. I haven’t done this type of project before so I really have little idea what I am doing so my questions will probably seem pretty simplistic. The wood looks like it is still retaining the original stain which looks fine to me. Will the stripping process remove the original stain or does it just take off the top finish coats?
Can I just apply a finish layer like a polyurethane on top of wood now since I like the appearance as it is? or do i need to complete additional processing to prepare it for the final finish.
Thanks for any advice.

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Polyurethane can be applied to existing polyurethane, as long as you give it a bit of sanding before hand. Stripping is only necessary if you need to get rid of an existing paint or a water based finished. Polyurethane is pretty much just liquid plastic. It typically goes on just about anything without much trouble.

I hope that helps.


Thanks for the help Doug!