Rc stealth

Rc fanfold foam stealth fighter

This is a speed made foam fighter
Made from fan folded foam it takes 2 sheets to produce 1 airplane.
These are a pusher style rc airplane
I have in the past built templates and cut these out by hand it took about 60 min.to cut a complete kit out, now on laser it takes about 1min per sheet!
Settings on luigi was 400speed for all and
60 power for cut 30 for score
I hot glue everything together
I then install motor mounts,control horns, servos, motor, prop, speed control, and battery.
Foam can be bought at most home stores, I shop lowes and if I find one that’s slightly damaged I ask for a discount I have gotten 50% off before.
This frame cost like 3.50$ to build and you can easily repair it if it crashes by cutting apart bad spots and hot gluing new parts on but in the event of a total loss you can build a new frame and transfer parts.
I have flown these before they’re super easy to build and really fun to fly!

why are you making it?
rapid development of a super cheap way to fly.



Is this paper backed foam like the dollar tree foam board?

No it is the kind u get at lowes/home depo that goes behind vinyl siding comes in a continuous sheet then folded in 2foot by 4 foot sections I believe there is approximately 25 in a stack


Duuuuuude that’s freaking awesome!!! I’d love to see it in person sometime

Frank, thanks for the info. Looks like it’ll be a fun fly!
Nice plane!

Great job. Like to see how you install the RC parts.

Super easy I’ll do an update when I install


Motor and servos installed

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Had the maiden flight today it did not disappoint had a really great flight would post video but system dont allow.

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If you have a YouTube account, post it there and then share the link with us, by all means!


Wow! That thing really flies!

Can I share this on MakeICT FB page?

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