Rain Tank/Barrel

The Garden Area is looking to acquire rainwater tanks or barrels to install near the pavilion. These can get pricey, so I thought I’d ask the general group if anyone had one they’d be willing to donate. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a pre-made rain barrel like you’d see at Home Depot. We could also retrofit any large plastic or metal barrels for this purpose (as long as they didn’t contain any nasty chemicals).

Thanks in advance.


There are still funds available for this years water rebate program if we haven’t already applied for anything. Rain Barrels get a $75 rebate.


That’s a good idea. Maybe I can talk to Jai and the Finance committee about purchasing the rain barrels using our funds and I’m happy to do the legwork of getting the reimbursements. I did find a source on Facebook that’s selling food grade barrels for $15, but we could still use this rebate for other materials like spigots and stuff. Thanks!


Why dont we use 10$ blue barrels from Hydraulic and 79th street im sure we could save money


I’m all for that. Who sells them there?

Waaaiiit we buy the barrel for $10… and get a $75 rebate. That’s some Milo Minderbinder stuff right there.

We get a rebate up to $75 as an account credit, up to five devices from the eligible categories.


Cant miss it i am not sure on name though it is just a metal bldg.

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