Rain in the Ceriamic room

Last night I noticed that there was water dripping from the ceiling tiles near the south wall. John looked in the ceiling and noticed that there was a PVC pipe that was dripping water. This may be part of the evaporation system of the AC unit.
The water did drip on some of the items that were on the wire drying racks. I moved the items over to the short canvas topped table. Please check your stuff. I don’t believe that anything was damaged.

Hopefully this will be addressed for the future.

Thank you,

That sounds like when the evaporator freezes because of the filter in the wood shop being clogged with wood dust.

Definitely the evaporator filter, housing and drain lines in the wood shop ceiling should be looked at, by someone able to navigate a ladder.

Mike B

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I’ll be back Sunday if no one gets to it by then. I have some tiles to put back anyway.

John and I pulled out the filter (it was very clogged) and replaced with another one that we found that was cleaner. It should be replaced as soon as it can be. Maybe @doug.wilson knows if we have some new filters around somewhere? In any case checking the filters should become a part of regular woodshop maintenance if it is not already.

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Oh. That hasn’t really occurred to me. Good thinking. I’ll be sure to check it every maker Monday.