Radium Clock for Radium Girls play at Wichita Community Theater

Set piece for the play Radium Girls at Wichita Community Theater. Needed to capture the feel of the radium watch dials the young women were forced to paint in the early 1900s at the cost of their lives. This led to a chain of events resulting in the workplace safety standards we now all enjoy.

Designed: Inkscape
Fabrication: FabLab: Hardboard cut on Luigi
Assembly: Electronics Area: Used scrap foam found in dumpster that night, reclaimed LEDs I had on hand and green cello purchased from Amazon, hot glued together.





Ohhh it’s got just the right green glow, so creepy LOVE IT!

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Thanks, Diana!
Wound up finding the film on Amazon… it totally made all the difference! Before the show when all the house lights were dimmed, the clock just glowed and lit the place ominously!

PS- I thought of you the other day when I made this gold and diamond pendant!

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