Quilt clothes must die

I’m still on the fence. I’d like some feedback. Are all quilts created equal?

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Wow! What a loaded question. I hate to see most of them cut up not only because of their history, but quilts are more enduring than fashion. Clothing made of quilts is bound to be a fad that rapidly dies out. But some quilts were created simply from scraps to be useful, and if they have some damage rendering them not useful as a quilt, I would argue the spirit of the original creator would be in favor of repurposing as clothing.

It’s been a trend for 5 years now. My biggest question is is a quilt repeated in a kit or from a pattern as important as one from Gee’s Bend or the Dear Jane? I’m still on the fence.

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My great grandma says she’d rather see her quilts used vs collecting dust and feeding the moths.

And this kinda feels like a privilege thing too. Storing, keeping and maintaining family quilts can’t look the same for everyone for a plethora of reasons.

Some folks may have the money/experience/time to do what’s needed. other folks may have to get more creative. And if it was purchased from a thrift store well, it’s theirs fair and square. It’s not really our business what they do with it.

Besides, folks often dont care about real history, they care about history that makes em feel good. :woman_shrugging:t5:


Best answer yet. Thanks for your insight.

I don’t display grandma’s quilts because they were LITERALLY made from scrap cloth… so they are kinda ugly actually. But I love them for all the chicken noodle soup I ate wrapped up in it watching scooby doo.

I keep them handy for when it gets cold and the wife won’t turn up the heater.

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The link just says “log in to Facebook to hang out with your friends…” for me, but is this about clothes made of quilts?

Seems weird to me… Buuuuuut… think about the future quilts made from clothes made from quilts made from clothes. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It’s because the forum system makes a request to retrieve the page to get Title and Description metadata whenever a link is posted. The request must not be processing the JavaScript and the initial HTML that is returned is a shell of a page that JavaScript would normally populate. This minimal stub HTML would normally be successively filled out with actual content.

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When I click the link I can be see the video underneath the login/join links.