Quick Lesson (or request)

The quick question: can I get a short lesson on a sewing machine (I don’t have one of my own) to attach two “things” together real quick? Or have someone do it for me? I have a deadline of August 12 (it’s for my wife’s classroom). I basically need one (or two) 10’ long stitch(es).

I was looking for a class in August, but there doesn’t seem to be one (yet?).

I’ve got a “desk skirt” that my mother-in-law made, but I need to attach it to my wife’s desk with Velcro. I also have the Velcro, but I don’t want to rely on its sticky back to attach it to the desk skirt. In a classroom full of rowdy kids, the adhesive is more than likely going to fail, and may not be as strong as the Velcro itself.

So… can anyone help me out?



Tuesday evening about 6:30? I had a job pop up so I haven’t scheduled classes yet.


I can be there! Thanks a bunch!


Do you mind if I join as well? I have a small project I need to do and was hoping to get a short lesson and authorization on the sewing machines to complete it.


Sure come on

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Thank you!

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On my way from Douglas and the River

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