Questions about Authorizations

Just a quick wall of questions from a new member desperate to get to work in this lab. After going over the wiki and looking through the forum I’m having a hard time reconciling just what authorizations are available and the bare minimum to be able to start working in the lab? The wiki says one thing but talking to members and reading the forums seems to contradict that.

If I brought in my own hand tools that I work with can I just work in the space and start meet and greet fellow jewlers (and take advantage of a much nicer work table then my home lab)?

Don’t mean to be pushy or impatient but the lab is my primary purpose for joining and I’m drooling over what I can start doing.


Your best bet is to reach out directly to the area lead of the area you are interested in and talk to them. Each area has it’s own email address, like that they get. You can see more of them on the contact link on the website.


The cabbing machine and saws, and each of the torches need authorization. We will also be getting the casting equipment up and going soon that requires a authorization. If you need authorization asap, please talk with Dean Day for authorizations the rest of this month, I am out of town. Hope that helps and welcome!


I can wait for the more technical authorizations to pop up, just wanted an official OK from the powers-that-be to do some work with hand tools and just use the space in general. Trying not to step on too many toes in my first month.
Since mini torches need authorization would it be OK if bring my butane torch kit with me to do solder joints if I need too?

And thanks again everyone. I tried the e-mail link but apparently the internet goblins must have been hungry.

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Sure, we have butane torches there that do not need authorization. Feel free! and reach out if you have any questions