Question regarding Jimmy and Steve’s project night for July 2, 2019

I have an aluminum project that I’d like some assistance on with the TIG welder. Basically I’m trying to weld some extensions on some aluminum bicycle handlebars to make them wider. I should have the extensions turned on Monday so hopefully everything will be ready to go on Tuesday but I wanted to ask if there is anything specific I should bring to help ensure success.

I took the TIG class earlier last year from Jeremiah but I haven’t done anything with the welder since. I plan on turning a couple of dummy parts to practice on.


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Jimmy and I are not going to be there tonight … is there anyone that knows TIG that might be able to assist here?


Steve, any idea what next Tuesday is looking like?

I can help with TIG… But aluminum is not my forte… I’ve done a small bit in the past, but not the most successful at it. Definitely have to spend some time preheating your parts before welding aluminum and also it wouldn’t be a bad idea to practise with some scrap aluminum first.


What does attendance look like for Jimmy or Steve for July 8th? I can be there then if it’s a go.


Sorry … I didn’t see this message until tonight. We are here if you want to come down. As Rustin said, I know aluminum is not Jimmy’s forte either.