Question on using more than 1 printer

I’ve been in several times recently trying to use the 3d printers. I know i can visit the webpage to check print status but i cant always run to the space.

Today, I’ve noticed the same 1 person has 3 of the 4 printers going.

Is this acceptable?

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Not sure if acceptable, but does seem inconsiderate.

I might feel differently if somebody was sitting there watching them print and they were all short, 15 minutes prints, and if somebody else showed up, I would relinquish one or more so they could use them. But my observation has been that people start prints that take 15 hours and leave. If one person is tying up almost of the printers like that, it’s rude.


I have used more than one printer at a time for long prints but I try to always leave one open, stagger my prints or only take up multiple printers for overnight runs.
Perhaps we should explore a queue system?

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