Quanta 5g Hotspot for T-Mobile

If anyone is in need of hotspot hardware, I have a lightly used (6-8 months?) T-Mobile Quanta 5G device that I chose to upgrade from this year.

Let me be clear. I don’t like this device. I find it to be horribly unstable and the software to be unrobust. What this translates to is the need to reboot the device at least once a day on average. This is a warranty replacement and the original device has the same issues, so it appears to be just poorly designed.

That being said, I tolerated it for a year and used it nearly daily. It just needs to be rebooted once a day or so whenever it hiccups and fails to reconnect to the network. Probably not good for applications like connecting remote cameras in places you don’t go to physically. But as a mobile hotspot you use for work or etc? It was fine.

The device comes with the information card, AC adapter, USB cable - manual is provided digitally on the device. I can offer some off-the-cuff advice on how to set it up or use it if you happen to be at the maker space. T-Mobile offers prepaid and monthly contracts for hotspot service and varying data plans. Theoretically this device is not locked and you may be able to use it with sim cards from other MVNOs but I see no guarantee of it.

If you have need of a hotspot device, I’d be happy to let it go to a member for $20. If no one wants it whole or to use for its intended purpose, I’d be open to donating it as a hackable for components. I understand there to be a mediatek 5g modem, as well as other useful components like a small color LCD screen.


I used to have a Verizon MiFi with such instability i literally had to reboot it every time I took itvalong on a driving trip.[which is why it was purchased].
And an RV user advised it only for parking and using it.
Fyi - It wasnt just yours.