Putting metal pieces in ceramics

I looked through the wiki, but didn’t find any information. I want to make buttons and possibly earrings that have metal loops for attachments embedded in them. I just started researching this, still not sure what to use. There is no policy I could find on the wiki. I’m sure this might be an interest to others.

Unfortunately, most metal just melts in the kiln because of the high firing temperature. Leaving a hole or indent or other spot on the piece that you can pull the wire through later is doable. I used flat backed jewelry studs and E6000 jewelry adhesive for the earrings I made recently which worked great.

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There are metal hanger I use in my art that will not melt
Amazon has them. Ornament Hanger Wires For Kiln Fired Ceramics Along with the wire that holds the elements in place can be bent to make a holder. I stuck one in a dragon fly and then the wire in a copper line and set out in the flower garden.
Good luck.