PURGE WEEK - All Items

In this thread are general images to show all the items that are up for taking offers on during Purge Week, and will be updated as the week goes. You MUST be at the space and fill out the form to make an offer on something. This thread is not for taking offers, it is merely to update on what is being purged.

Auctions close on Friday May 3rd. Most sheets need Board signatures, but we can collect those throughout the week. If any item is removed from auctions by a Lead, please text me to let me know you have done this so we can update inventory.

Tricia Cortes, Events Committee Lead


April 28th
Areas participating: Classrooms, Garden, and Woodshop


April 30th
Participating Areas: Facilities (Letterpress and Lounge will be another day)


May 2nd
Participating Areas: Lounge, Finance

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The red craftsman riding mower is for sale as well, $5 reserve. I think. The mower itself is in the garage, but the auction form is in room 2.


Is the craftsnan riding mower “mostly functional”?

I had not seen this listing and have left for the day. I may be too late to bid in any case.

I paid for and picked up most of my bid. It was a bundle, 2 blowers, a weedeater and a hedge trimmer. I could only carry 2.

It was one of those days when mud, and another deserving disabled person parking in the handicap spot, kept me from unloading my powerchair. I CAN walk and did. But was only good for one trip all the way down the hall. The remain8ng small blower and hedge trimmer can be taken to the dumpster. Sorry I could not get them all. I waited in the parking lot for an hour to see if the handicap spot came open. It did not. I went home. I did pay and file my papers in the envelope, and am thankful for the folks who thot up the process and wrangled all the paperwork and collection of items so that a sale could happen. Most of the hard work was invisible to the rest of us, so … thanks to some team for all that.

The mowers are gone

Teya, if you’d like the other things you couldn’t carry, I can hold onto them for you with your permission since they are smallish and can fit in my car. I can catch you this week and hand them off to you. I’m really sorry you had a hard time with everything, and I hope we can improve that experience soon with the other ADA spot. :disappointed_relieved:


4 more people need to pick things up before noon, way to go everyone! The room is slowly being emptied^^ excited to see it free of everything later today.

Reminder, the books on the table under the pink paper are free or for donation if you’re so inclined :grin:

At noon, we begin chucking things out!


I missed that I had a noon appointment today. I can come by… but it will be later. (I don’t have any thing bought… just to help with the chucking out.)


Thank you everyone for participating!