Prusa i3 MK3S+ Newbie

I’m a 3D printer newbie who took the plunge on Black Friday and bought A New Prusa i3. I’d like to set it up like MakeICT where a Raspberry Pi handles wired ethernet. But, I’m also a Raspberry pie virgin. There is conflicting information on-line (no surprise there) so I’m asking for advice on a few things.

  1. I think I want an External Pi and not an internal mounted zero, and one with wifi if I change my mind about wired later, so which one should I get? Are there any other bits and pieces I should acquire to make this work?
  2. How much memory is recommended for the sd card for the Pi?
  3. Any other tidbits of Newbie/Prusa set up advice would be appreciated as well.
    Be nice, this is all new to me but looks fun.

After this hurdle, I may be asking about Octoprint setup for the Pi.

It depends on what you want to do and your budget.

I would stay away from pi zero. I read about issues on the octoprint on the pi zero. It would not keep up at times. Pi zero w2 might but I have not looked since it came out.

16gb sd card has always worked. Stl files are small… You could keep the files on the pi to reprint them. Or you could keep them on the pc you sliced them from.

The pi 3 would work if you can still find them. pi 4 would be faster. Minimum 2gb would work for 90% of the cases. Unless you go octoprint plug-in crazy or slice directly from octoprint.

A camera can be handy if you put the printer off in a remote room.

The Pi Zero 2 W is officially supported by Octoprint. I haven’t used one, though. The Pi 3 is what we use on all of our printers. I think they have 16GB SD cards. You don’t need a whole lot.