Prusa Clone Troubleshooting

Can i ask whats up with the new Prusa next to the old one? Are we trying to fix it up or use it for parts?

That’s not a Prusa, it’s a “Prusa”. It’s a currently non-functional clone build that was donated. It’s got some issues that need to be diagnosed. Unless someone else with relevant knowledge wants to work on it, it’s on the list somewhere after finishing the CR10 upgrades and assembling the 2 new genuine Prusas that we purchased.


I mean im decent at it. What issues is it having?

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It definitely has an issue with the motion system. Initial calibration fails because the axes don’t move properly. It seems okay mechanically so probably an electrical issue. Stepper current may need to be adjusted. I only spent a few minutes looking at it, so that’s about as far as I got.

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Might be an issue with the order of wiring on the stepper motors as well that was my last thought before I threw in the towel

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