Prusa 5 is Live!

The brand new 3D printer - Prusa 5 - is ready to use and we’re hyped!!

This is a different model of Prusa than the others we have (a MK4 rather than a MK3S+), so it does operate a bit differently. If you need a hand or run into problems, please email

We have some sessions planned to show off the new printer, so please stop by, see it in action, and learn about the new features. This isn’t required, but we wanted to give y’all a chance to get introduced. It will be reserved during the following times this week for those sessions:

Monday, 4/22, 5-7:30pm
Wednesday, 4/24, 5-7:30pm
Thursday, 4/25, 5-7:30pm
Saturday, 4/27, 10am-1pm

It’s also reserved for the 3D Printing Basics class tonight, 4/21.


Some things to keep in mind:

*As with the other 3D printers: Authorized users only. If you want to get peer authorized, reach out here and we’ll get you going. If you’re brand new to 3D printing, we recommend you take the 3D Printing Basics class first.

*The screen is a touch screen! You can also operate the controls with the knob like the other Prusas.

*In PrusaSlicer, select Prusa 5 before working on your model. The MK4 environment will look slightly different in PrusaSlicer.

*Prusa 5 will be up on the page in a few days. The wiki page will be completed soon too.

*Prusa 5 uses the same print sheets as the other Prusas.

Questions?? Please let us know.

The Ultimaker2 is also running again! More info on that, and instructions for using it, coming in a few days


@jameslancaster is making a mask on Prusa 5 by embedding tulle fabric.


If you don’t name it Johnny now all my expectations for this organization will be lost.


Prusa 5 is now live on the monitor page
Thanks to @SteveO for making this happen.

The page will be going through some more improvements, so it might continue to look a little different. If you notice any issues with it, please let IT or FabLab know.

I will be there this morning to answer questions about the new printer and do demos, but because of a work schedule change won’t be there until 10:30ish.

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