Prusa 3 down

There’s a massive abs blob, so it may be down for some time. I’ll see what I can do, but we may need to get parts depending on how bad it is when it gets cleared off.


I’ll be there later this evening so I’ll take a look then. We should have parts for just about everything.


I was able to get the blob off, and it’s working again. Though we will probably need to reprint the fan shroud since some of that is now embedded in the blob. So please for now only print pla.


James and I worked on it. Prusa 3 needed a new linear bearing to fix issues with the z-axis, and it should be working more reliably now.

Thanks @pacrawshaw for letting us know about issues with Prusa 4 too. We repaired the thermistor and it’s also doing better now. Hopefully that resolves the intermittent thermal errors.

Keep on letting us know when the printers need work. We appreciate everyone notifying us when they need attention!