Prusa 1 is angry

EDIT: there is no active print on the device

Prusa 1 had an alarm going this morning with the message: Emergency Stop. I turned it off using the button on the side because it was yelling. I turned it back on and it says MINTEMP now.

As I am not familiar with the Prusas (I have only worked with resin printers) I will leave it as is for someone more adept to handle! Thank you - Dee


It had been reported as down on Friday. Iā€™m coming to take a look at it this morning.


Prusa 1 is fixed. Thanks @Dee for reporting the problem.

Edit: Prusa 1 is still having some intermittent heater problems. Going to shut it off and work on it some more tomorrow.

Edit: Prusa 1 is happy again. Just being dramatic about Z axis calibration.