Print time difference on the prusa

On the slicing software, I had an estimate of 10 hours and 41 minutes, but the printer over on the print monitor tells me I have 2 days and 11 hours remaining… If that’s true, I feel bad - I didn’t meant to take it up for two and a half days!


It’s already down to 19 hours! It’s possible getting through the first layer threw off the estimate.


What slicing software are you using? I’ve always found the Prusa Slicer to be very accurate.

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Yeah, now we’re down to 13. I bet you’re right!

It was the Prusa Slicer. I bet it’s like @shack suggested and the machine’s estimate will keep changing.

I’m imagining it’s like the old Windows progress bar estimates (“1 year remaining” … 5 minutes later… done!)


Just curious, When was PrusaSlicer last updated as well as the machine firmware?

If these are outdated, there could be inaccuracy.

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