Print Shop Informational Signs

Hey everyone, I chatted with some people last night about putting some signs in the print shop to help explain the process, therefore attempting to remove the intimidation factor in trying screen printing for the first time, and reminding more seasoned printers if they forget something (me lol). The class @doug.wilson has is great for starting out, but afterwards I often found myself lost on how to start everything up in order to GET to the actual printing stage without scouring youtube or having to pester others for info.

So my questions are:
-If you are are a seasoned printer, what information did you wish was more easily accessible in the shop to point you in the right direction? What part of the process did you end up needing the most help with when you started?

So far I have wanted to make signs for:

-Emulsion and how to apply it/how many coats/what to do if it drips
-the time needed to expose a screen, but also maybe brief things to identify if a screen has been exposed too long or not enough
-info on the doors for average time it should take for emulsion to be ready to expose so no one is blindsided by how long it takes
-taping off screens
-how to use the flash drier and tips for avoiding issues
-more info on the cleaner-filled spray bottles, what they are used for, and whether the sponges are each for one kind or the other (was curious if that was the case or not…), difference between cleaning and reclaiming
-where to get more materials (clear tape, vellum/transparency film) with recommended brands for easy purchasing without having to ask someone else do it

These are all meant to be BRIEF and not a whole essay, just having the info handy leaves us with more time to make and spend less time googling frustratedly on our phones.

Other things I would like addressed are:
-the paper cutter in the print shop and if someone knows how to sharpen the blade…its pitiful lol
-if someone did need to buy supplies for the shop, what needs to happen to be reimbursed for it?
-wanted to see about getting a big paper roll attached to the wall for test prints, but unsure how to attach that, also needing permission on where

Finally, thank you for whoever fixed the AC :smile:


I’ve found myself in that same situation with quite a few pieces of equipment that took classes on but haven’t used in a while. I’d wondered if QR Codes that point to a specific equipment page wiki would be a good idea.


I also considered that! I think both would be even better because I’m finding that if I can avoid using my phone at all prevents me from getting distracted lol, but other people will likely benefit from the QR to the wiki too!


Plus the wiki info can be screenshot/printed in part or whole AS the posted notes… you know, for when they become detached, fall to their doom, and are carried to the afterlife by the Grim Sweeper.


Check the QR codes I just added to the front desk. I was getting ready to have a giant QR code/labeling session with each of the areas myself!

  1. Do we think most people can do QR codes? (This is why I have the front desk … as a trial.)
  2. Talk to the area lead if you want to be reimbursed to buy something for an area. They will generally have some funds for area improvement in their budget.
  3. Love the enthusiasm. If you talked to Doug, I would bet he would happily have you as assistant lead for the area.

Instructions for the printer would be handy! I know some people struggle to install the drivers, so maybe a how-to guide, plus a note that the drivers are installed on some (all?) of the MakeICT laptops. I think @SteveO was working on wiki instructions for all the printers in the building.


The QR Label can/should include the actual page title on the wiki so a) you know what you’re scanning and/or b) you know what to look for directly and/or c) you know how to communicate about the label to others.


WE HAVE ACQUIRED PAPER FOR THE PRINT SHOP!!! There was a big brown paper roll we found in the lounge cleanup :grin::revolving_hearts:

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