Print Jam Thursday Night!

So I got lucky and found a bunch of tye-dye t-shirts at a yard sale and I’m inspired to crank out some summer vibe shirts with them.

I’m still brainstorming a fun summertime print, but check out these fun colors!

I’ll post the print jam tomorrow after I’ve mocked up a design. In the mean-time, feast your eyes on this sample of hippie magic!


Those are totally tubular! As in knitted in the round!


Here’s the design that I’m printing tomorrow night. You can come get a print, if you want, or just hang out! You can sign up on the calendar or just show up. I’ll have a couple extra shirts if you don’t have your own. $5 for the print. $5 for a blank shirt, if needed. Proceeds go completely to Printshop and funds are taxed. Uncle Sam always gets his cut.



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Looks awesome! I wish I had time to participate!

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