Print Jam May 9

I’m hosting a drop-in print jam at this upcoming Maker Monday. You don’t even have to print it yourself. Just drop off your garment and make a donation for the studio (suggested $5).

Here’s what we’re printing. Come check it out!

Your Pal,


Looks Great Doug. Good job!

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Just saw this. Is this opportunity still available?

That’s too bad you missed this one. But we’ll have a chance to print a shirt every month. Stay tuned! You can also sign up for our Multi-Color Print class at the end of the month. We’ll be offer those each month, as well.

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will that pattern be available? i really like it!

Unfortunately, I’ve already reclaimed the screens, but I still have the design ready to make again in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for this to make a return in the summer. We’ll also be hosting print jams monthly with new artwork each time. Follow the PrintMaking thread to stay in the know!

P.S. If you simply can’t wait, the transparancies can be used at your discretion to make your very own screens. If you’re familiar with multicolor printing, you don’t have to wait on me!


Awesome! Thank you!