Power adapters etc

I have a box of power adapters… av patch cables and some cat5 patch cords that I’d donate if there is interest ? I can meet any of the leads with them if you want to look it over…?


Appreciate the offer but we a pretty big stock of them right now. Know how you feel though, hate to see them go to waste.


I have the same box. 30 year accumlation.
But every few years, i pull a power supply out to use it to power a garage door opener code pad that was eating 9v batteries, or to power a string of lights that HAD been battery pack powered. Fun stuff. But not necessary.
Hate to toss it but i have finally been putting my old coax cables in my copper recycle boxes. I buy them in bulk so they are quite cheap for me. Thus, tossable, even if never used. Sadly.