Potentiometer Codes

I may have a bad potentiometer from a motor controller. Taken out of the circuit it reads 9.85 ohms.

The markings on the pot are CTS 120-0047

The following url lists the specifications. What does the 10KW mean ?
CTS Potentiometer

Thanks, Bill
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Thanks, Bill

That should be the resistance of the potentiometer. Normally it would say 10KΩ, but whoever set up that page probably couldn’t find the Ω key on their keyboard. :wink:


Thanks for the response.

I can understand not finding the Ω sign on the keyboard but not using the letters o-h-m-s is a bit hard to grasp.

Now to find an appropriate pot to test the speed controller on a donated scrollsaw.


It may mean 10K wirewound


See wiki discussion about symbol in electronic documents for info on use of W for ohms.

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Thanks for the link.

It was gratifying to know I am not the only one to be confused.