PLEASE do not attempt maintenance if . . .

… you’re not part of the team that’s been showing up for the regular maintenance.

We’ve been working on building a team of volunteers to do regular maintenance on the lasers and the 3D printers, but in the last couple of weeks we’ve been finding screws that are stripped, parts disassembled and reassembled incorrectly and other mistakes. When that happens the machines don’t work properly and that doesn’t make anyone happy.

If you have a problem, please report it here on the forum. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


I forgot to say that if you’d like to learn how to help maintain the equipment we’d love to have you join us on the scheduled evenings!


The next scheduled FabLab maintenance events:

1/6/2024 - 1pm-5pm
Laser cutter maintenance

1/10/2024 - 6:30pm-8:30pm
3D Printer Group

1/16/2024 - 6pm-8pm
Fablab Workday


Bumping this up again.

If anyone would like to join the team that handles 3D printer maintenance and repair, please let us know. We’d love to have more people involved with this. If you have experience working on machines, especially Prusa 3D printers, that would be awesome. But no experience necessary.


Im interested but may have spotty availability.

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That’s totally fine - there will always be tasks people can help with. I was planning to have a group chat to keep everyone in the loop. I’ll add you when it gets going.


I would love to learn more as well.