Playground Express-Coding for Kids by Kids

My kids have been playing around with the Playground Express Make-Code system for coding and wanted to gauge interest in them potentially setting up a class or series of Intro to Coding classes to introduce kids and teens to snap programming.
They run about $30 each and I love the idea of being able to let each kid taking the class take one home to continue playing with to expand on what they’ve learned. I’ve already thought of several follow up classes to expand on basics if there is enough interest including cool project/demos such as incorporating electronics into Halloween costumes, to making music, to exploratory investigations to test and build knowledge.
I love the idea of kids teaching kids and want to incorporate a peer-peer mentor relationship so that anyone can be a teacher and share their knowledge with others.
There aren’t a lot of classes at MakeICT just for kids and I wasn’t sure how much interest there would be, as there would be an upfront cost required. I figure there are a lot of members who have kids and this would be an opportunity to expand and reach out and build up a new generation of makers. If this is something you or your kids would be interested in, please comment.


I’ve been trying for the last 2 years to get my now 11 year old to teach a class. We talked about teaching Scratch(MIT) or Origami(actual paper folding). Just hasn’t happened. I’ve also wanted to start a series of classes called Family Make but have been in overtime most of this year. I’d love to see your class take off and will definitely be signing him up.

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I have a 12 year old that is into scratch that would be interested in the class as well.


I have a seven year old who apparently is a closet scratch coder. I see pics on FB of them writing code in scratch but when I ask her about it she doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

As someone who learned basic at her age and loves to write code, this infuriates me somehow. I don’t actually know scratch but it would be fun to learn along side of her. Like a parent kid coding class.